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About Me

His works show his cosmopolitan conception of the Universe. His canvases have a strong emotional effect due to his virtuosity of lines and the magic of colours, which combine in them the simplicity of the traditional folk colours and the authors feelings for his complex interpretation.

Alexander Terziev is artist, handled with symbols and signs, through which he expresses his thoughts and ideas for life. His works are depicted in several cycles.
One is The pomegranate - for conception of life as a symbol. These are combinations, built in image of the fruit pomegranate.
The second cycle is The doors. Through them is another part of its idea - each person has its own door, it is the beginning and end of something specifically, border between the material and spiritual. So passing through different doors person leaves its footprint on them.
Affairs and on two cycles: Cross - a symbol of the faith, and Swordfish - presenting worldly battle.
In Sofia will present 35 paintings from the cycle The pomegranate and The doors.

Leading idea in his creativity is Love. These are, as the relationship between people, as well as love, a life. In this sense in his paintings infested female figures. This is not by chance, because the woman is this, which was born the new home. Even in the small landscapes, he is using human figures, to hand over spirituality of image.

The first impression of his works is the abundance of live colors. In a large degree for this has contributed mid, in which is grown. The artist is there is happiness to has a huge garden, from which the color inspire fresh vigor. His workshop and his house, built in Melnik architectural type, are nestled among forest of 300 pomegranate trees of more than 70 years. It is precisely this symphony of colors give him ideas and mood for creative work.


Alexander Terziev was born on November 14, 1953 in Sandanski, Bulgaria. 

He graduated from the "Nacho Ivanov" Textile College in Sofia,  specialty artistic textiles in 1972.

For a period of 10 years he was working with the big Bulgarian artist Dimitar Kazakov - Neron / 1933-1992/. This period appears as his "Worldly knowledge Academy". They both created an exhibition-beneficence in Sandanski, 1986.There are also other 14 solo exhibitions. His works are presented in galleries - Italy, Macedonia and Greece. Paintings of Alexander Terziev are located in private collections in the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and France.



His main areas of work are oil and akvarel painting and woodcarving.

He has recently had several exhibitions: Sofia - The National Library (2008), Sofia - Ministry of Culture (2007), Balchik - The Castle of Romanian Queen Maria (2007), Sofia - The Chamber of Commerce (1998), Sofia - The Russian Cultural Center (1995). Other Bulgarian locations include Nessebar in 1992, Blagoevgrad - The American University - in 2003, as well as in Sandanski, Petric and various other locations.

Alexander Terziev's works can currently be found in Italian, Greek, Spanish and Macedonian galleries, as well as in several galleries in Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv, Sozopol, Balchik.

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